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Monimoto is a smart alarm system. It has been created with motorcycles and their owners in mind but can also be used for other vehicles. This unit is the brain of your smart alarm system. It is equipped with GSM, GPS and Bluetooth technology as well as micro-sized SIM card and two CR123A type batteries. It is intended to be placed inside your vehicle in order to track it down in case of theft.
Monimoto has a GPS, GSM, Bluetooth modules inside as well as Accelerometer. It also comes with a small KEY that communicates with Monimoto via Bluetooth. When Monimoto and its KEY is next to each other - Monimoto is in Ready mode (ready to detect any kind of motion, e.g. riding a motorcycle). When the movement is detected Monimoto always checks if the KEY is nearby. If it's not found - Monimoto enters Alarm mode and starts the notification procedures - first calls the owner twice and then starts sending notifications. If the KEY is found around at any time during Alarm Monimoto comes back to Ready mode. These two timelines illustrate how Monimoto behaves in Alarm mode time-wise:
Monimoto is a very easy to use DIY system - almost no technical knowledge is required from you! You will not need to do any wiring and even won't need any tools at all except your iPhone. All you need to do is setup your device using Monimoto app and place it in your motorcycle (or any other vehicle you wish to protect). Monimoto batteries last very long. Depending on the brand of the batteries it should easily work one year and above (with the same pair of batteries). Monimoto has a very smart infrastructure in the background that allows Monimoto to communicate with its servers and send notifications to the user rather than just sending SMS messages (it can do that too as a backup option). In addition to that Monimoto also has an international SIM card inside that works in most European countries. More info on what countries are covered can be found here.
onimoto comes with an international SIM card that works within the European Union territory plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein. See map and the list of all supported countries below. If you need to use Monimoto in any other location where our SIM card does not work but GSM service is available - you might need to use a different SIM card in Monimoto. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.


The KEY is a small device that comes with Monimoto. When the KEY is not present near the motorcycle any movement or vibration activates Alarm mode in Monimoto. You can add up to 3 KEYs to one Monimoto device. If you happen to have more than 1 Monimoto, same KEY can be used with multiple devices. Monimoto KEY is not supposed to be used as a key chain and should be kept separate from your motorcycle keys. This way, if your keys are stolen or lost - you will not need to fear that your motorcycle can be stolen without any notifications. We recommend that you keep Monimoto KEY in the pocket of your motorcycle jacket or trousers and keep away from contact with water as it is not waterproof.
This is the main window where all of your Monimoto devices will be listed if you have more than one: When you click on a device in a list you are taken to the Home screen of your device. You have two sections here - Monimoto Device sections shows all the details about the device itself:
  1. Battery level
  2. Bluetooth connection with the device. This can only be established then your phone is within the Bluetooth range from Monimoto.
  3. Device mode (can be Ready or Alarm).
Please keep in mind that Monimoto app is not showing real time info. It shows info of the last periodic check or Bluetooth connection. See 'Last connection' in Monimoto Device section. Lower Keys section shows Monimoto KEY info: if KEY is nearby or not, battery level, connection strength.
Monimoto has two main modes. You can think of this as "Good" and "Bad". We call it "Ready" and "Alarm". In Ready mode the device basically does nothing except that it is always ready to sense any kind of motion. In the app this mode is represented with the green tick. When motion is detected it checks if the KEY is around. If it's there Monimoto just stays ready. If the KEY is not found it enters Alarm mode. In the app this mode is represented with the red exclamation marks. In Alarm mode GSM and GPS modules are turned on. Monimoto calls the owner, then determines its own location and sends coordinates to the owner. To exit alarm mode Monimoto either needs to find a KEY next to it or you need to connect to it from Monimoto app via Bluetooth.  
There are two ways you can access setting in Monimoto app but only one way you can configure device settings. Here is how you access your account settings: To access device settings click on this cogwheel: In both places settings will look similar except that when accessing the device settings you will see additional section 'MONIMOTO DEVICE'. If your phone is not connected to Monimoto device via Bluetooth - you will see this: Once you connect via Bluetooth you can see all settings:

Monimoto Device

Settings - access your Monimoto settings. Send Diagnostic - use this only if you are experiencing technical issues. It will upload some technical details from Monimoto to your phone so you can send it to Monimoto support for investigation. Unpair - to untie Monimoto device from your phone. Once that is done - Monimoto device will appear like a completely new device to any phone and will be ready to be paired with any iPhone again.

Account Settings

Subscription - here you can pay for your SIM subscription. Log Out - click this to log out of your account. All your devices and settings will be saved but will disappear from the app until you log back in. You can also log in on another phone with the same account if you only want to see a "cloud" version of your Monimoto devices. Delete My Account - this will delete our phone number from our server and untie your Monimoto from your phone number. It can be useful if you are not going to use Monimoto any longer and want to give it away or sell to someone else. If you ever need to know your Monimoto's name or IMEI number you can look it up at the bottom of the Settings window:
Download Monimoto app from app store and install it. Launch the app - you are asked to enter your phone number. This will create an account for you. Your phone number is your account ID. We will not ask for your name or email. Phone number only. Enter your number and hit "Send confirmation code". Enter the confirmation code that you received. Make sure Monimoto device and its KEY is very close to each other and to your phone. And make sure that no USB cable is connected to Monimoto as that will prevent your phone from being able to see Monimoto via Bluetooth. Follow the wizard up to the point when your device is found and you are asked to enter User information. We strongly advise to enter the meaningful name (best to use the name of your vehicle). Phone number here - the one that you will receive calls to in case of alarm. You can use different number than your account ID if necessary but remember - you will receive call only to this number! Once you are ready - tap 'Next' and let the app do its part (it will take some time). After the successful pairing process. you will see a 'Success!' message and receive a SMS from your Monimoto. Save its number in your contacts so you can recognize it immediately in case of Alarm. If the pairing was successful you will see the below screen. It means your Monimoto is ready for use.
Correct installation is crucial for Monimoto to work properly. The good news is that it is very easy to achieve this if you follow these three rules:
  1. Thinner end (one that has GPS letters on it) must be pointing upward or outwards rather than inwards or to the ground.
  2. Never put Monimoto in an enclosed metal environment as radio waves cannot travel through metal!
  3. Hide it properly so bad people couldn't see what you have prepared for them.
That's it!  
iOS devices. The newer the better. We recommend iPhone 5S, iOS version 10.3.1 or later. The only other condition: it should have Bluetooth 4.0+ (BLE) as connection between phone and Monimoto is being arranged using this technology. Monimoto does not work with Andriod devices yet but we are working hard to make it available on Android platform as well.
Yes ! You can have as many devices as you need and all of them can be paired with the same iPhone. All of your devices will appear in one list in Monimoto app (see picture below). Also let's take this example: Bruno has an adventure bike that he travels with and a cafe racer that he built himself. He bought two Monimoto devices and put each of them into one of his vehicles to protect both of them. Given that he is the only owner of two vehicles he can pair all devices with his iPhone and also pair one of the KEYs (yes, you can use a single KEY for all your devices). Then whichever vehicle he is using - both devices are ready to report a theft in case it occurs. Bruno will receive all notifications in one place.
If you have your old phone with Monimoto app installed please follow thsese steps: Go to device settings and choose to 'Unpair'. This action will unpair the device from your old phone and reset it to default parameters. Now pair Monimoto with your new phone as you did when you first bought it.

If you do not have your old phone or don't have access to it:

1. Install Monimoto app on your new phone. 2. Log into the app and all your devices should re-appear in the Monimoto app. This way you will be able to control Monimoto as you were used to except that you will not be able to connect to it via Bluetooth to configure settings and send it to sleep using your phone. This is a "Cloud" version. 3. For full functionality you will need to Restore Default Parameters on your Monimoto and then pair it with your new phone as you did when you first bought it.
Whether it's the device itself or Monimoto-equipped vehicle - you can do that (it would better be a true friend than just a stranger on the street). You have several options here: If you want to lend your vehicle and want it to remain protected - give your Monimoto-equipped motorcycle and an a Monimoto KEY to a friend. This way the vehicle remains protected. If alarm fires you will receive a call and push notifications to your phone. If you only give your Monimoto-equipped vehicle to a friend without a KEY - you can send Monimoto to sleep for up to 24 hours. This way, however, it will not remain protected as it will not be looking for motion while asleep. When the sleep period ends - you will receive a notification with current Monimoto coordinates though.
English currently is the main language of our app and of all the push notifications and events. More languages will be introduced in the future.
Yes, that is possible. You can receive push notifications (but not calls) to as many phones as you like. All you need to do is simply login with the same account (your phone number that you used to setup Monimoto for the first time is your account ID). All the auxiliary phones will have limited access to Monimoto (it's called cloud access) , e.g. you will not be able to configure Monimoto settings from them but you will receive push notifications to all phones in case of alarm. IMPORTANT: Phone calls will only be received to the original phone number that was used to setup Monimoto!
Monimoto will only notify you that your motorcycle is moving. It will not sound any alarm, block any mechanical parts of your motorcycle or give itself away in any other way.
Yes, Monimoto meets the IP65 standard which means it is protected from dust and against low-pressure water jets, such as a faucet. That should be more than enough for normal use.
Monimoto is an alarm system first. Without your keys nearby, Monimoto will enter alarm/tracking mode. It will start sending you location notifications every 5 minutes while the vehicle is moving and every 30min when idle in Alarm mode. Note! - when active, the GPS and GSM receivers will reduce your battery life considerably.


Sample DescriptionWell, technically you can but consider this:
  • Our SIM card has roaming enabled by default so it will work anywhere in the European Union plus some other European countries.
  • Our SIM card works with at least two GSM operators in each country (up to six operators in some countries). This guarantees continuous GSM network coverage throughout the entire country territory. More info about the countries that are covered can be found here.
  • With our SIM card you will be notified when it is about to expire so you can top up it in time. We will not be able to do that with other cards.
  • Our SIM card has APN settings sorted while others might require you to enter APN details during pairing process.
Sample DescriptionWe are not sure why would you need to.. Monimoto SIM card is only meant to be used in Monimoto device therefore it will be blocked automatically once it tries to register from a smartphone. You will need to contact us if that happens so we can unblock it for you. Please note that charges will apply for the unblocking procedure!
Assuming that you changed your number but still have the same smartphone device. Follow these steps:
  1. Go to device settings and unpair Monimoto device from your phone.
2. Then tap 'Delete My Account'. This will delete your number from Monimoto servers. 3. Now go through the Monimoto setup wizard to pair it with your new phone number as you did the very first time.
You will receive two notifications before the end of the free GSM service period. When GSM service expires - you will be able to top up your account from Monimoto app.


Monimoto comes with two CR123A primary batteries that can be easily found in convenience stores. Once the battery level reaches the critical level (don't worry, you will be notified), simply open the enclosure, remove the old ones, insert new, close the enclosure. IMPORTANT: You must not use rechargeable batteries if you find any for sale at all. They have a different electrical parameters so we cannot guarantee Monimoto will work properly nor that the correct battery level will be displayed. Also - do not use new and old batteries together as this will lead to the false battery level indication in the app.
No. This is strictly forbidden as it can lead to fire, chemical leaks and other dangerous and undesired consequences.
Monimoto Alarm Mode is the main factor that drains the battery. With this in mind - you don't want to have many false alarms. In other words avoid moving Monimoto when the KEY is away. Monimoto KEY In general, any kind of motion or vibration drains the KEY battery but the lowest energy consumption is observed when the KEY is next to Monimoto while riding a motorcycle. This suggests that carrying the KEY with you at all times is not efficient and that is true. However we do not recommend leaving the KEY next to your motorcycle either as that will leave the motorcycle unprotected.
You will be notified by a push notification when Monimoto battery level falls below 20%. Another notification will arrive when battery level hits the 10% threshold. Do not wait until they are completely empty and replace when the first or second notification is received. You can also check what the red LED is showing on the device. If it is OFF or blinking one long flash every second - the battery is very low.
In Alarm mode batteries are drained fast. It depends if Monimoto is continuously moving or not (batteries drain faster if moving) but you can expect at least several days in any case.


When you go through the setup wizard in the app - Bluetooth pairing request should pop up. If it doesn't - you need to try turning Bluetooth OFF, waiting for at least 5 seconds and turning it back ON. Try this several times if the first time doesn't resolve. How to turn Bluetooth off: Or here: This issue has been observed on iPhone versions 4,4s,5 and 5s. In most other cases you will receive an error message explaining what is wrong. Search our help center to find more details about the error or contact us for help.
If your Monimoto has already been paired with your phone before and now you are trying to connect to it via Bluetooth please make sure that Bluetooth is turned ON and pay attention if the Bluetooth logo is visible in the iOS main toolbar at the top right. If it is not visible - go to your phone's Bluetooth settings and disable Bluetooth. then enable it again and you should be good. Another reason - your Monimoto has been restored to default parameters. In this case you will need to delete your device from the device list. Then pair as did first time.
If you are using SIM card other than Monimoto's default - you will need to enter APN address that you should be able to get from the GSM operator that the SIM card belongs to. However if you are trying to use a pre-paid SIM card and it is empty - you will most likely not be able to pair Monimoto with your phone until you put money into you SIM card. If you are using Monimoto SIM card and got asked for the APN settings - enter Password is not required.
When you delete Monimoto from the list it is deleted from your account. Then you also need to remove it from your device by going to your iPhone's Bluetooth settings and choosing to 'Forget Device': Reset Monimoto by connecting it to your PC/laptop or USB charger. Then pair it again with your phone like you did during first setup.
If you receive a push notification that looks like this: And in the Events list in Monimoto app it says "Cloud did not receive regular ping from Monimoto" this means that Monimoto periodic check did not go as expected - our server did not receive a regular update from your device. This mainly happens duo to GSM connectivity issues. What you can do in such case is: - Check if motorcycle is where it is supposed to - if it's there you can ignore the notification. - Check if GSM signal is strong enough where you store motorcycle. It might be worth moving your vehicle or   Monimoto device only to a different place for a day or two and see if "status not updated" notifications still arrive. - If you are using your own SIM card in Monimoto it might be that it is empty.
The only case when you could be receiving approximate coordinates is when these are GSM coordinates rather than GPS ones. This means that Monimoto was not able to catch enough satellites to determine the exact location so it used different technology to determine it. You will be able to see in Monimoto app how the coordinates have been calculated: So what's the reason for the inaccurate coordinates? If your Monimoto is already installed in a Motorcycle or other vehicle - please check if it's thinner end is facing outwards rather than inwards or to the ground. Incorrect installation might well be to blame. Please see correct installation instructions here. Another reason could be that your Monimoto is indoors (GPS signal does not work properly when the receiving device is indoors)
In such case please go to your phone's Bluetooth settings click on your Monimoto device and choose 'Forget the device'. Reset the Monimoto by connecting it to USB charger or laptop/PC and waiting for the required amount of time. In Monimoto app - create a new account by providing your phone number and entering the confirmation code. Then pair Monimoto with your phone like you did during first setup.
Nothing to worry about! Simply follow the wizard in the app and pair Monimoto with your phone again like you did first time.
If you receive this error when trying to pair Monimoto with your phone it means that your device has been paired with another account (another phone number). Now unpair the device from the new phone and see below:

If you want to use with your new phone

If old account (number) belongs to you

In this case you need to login with your old account and delete the Monimoto device from the Device list (as showed in the image below). Log out of the old account and restore Monimoto to the default parameters as described here. You will now be able to pair it with the new account.

If old account (number) belongs to someone else / you don't have access to old account

If you bought the device from another person or lost access to your old account please contact that person and ask them to do the action described above. If you cannot contact them or if the old account is your own account that you lost access to - let us know and be ready to prove that the device belongs to you. We will be able to remove the device from an old account so you can pair it with your new account.

If you still want to use old account but want to see notifications in new phone

In this case you don't need to pair Monimoto with a another phone. Simply login with your original account on the new phone and you will be able to see all notifications. This is a so called "Cloud" version. More on this here.