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Monimoto tracker MM7


Monimoto is a smart GPS tracker for motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and other mobile property.

This model (MM7) is a 2G and 3G device. Works in North America and Europe.

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Monimoto 7 is brand new Monimoto model. It’s a smart GPS tracker for motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and other vehicles. The new Monimoto version is even smaller, easier to install and compact. This model (Monimoto 7) uses LTE-M (LTE Cat-M1) and 2G networks and works in the United States and Europe. See supported countries and carriers here. It is powered by 2 long-life batteries, so even if the vehicle’s battery is dead your ride will still be safe. Monimoto comes with an embedded eSIM card with 2 months FREE subscription.


  • 1 x Monimoto 7 Device – 94x61x19mm.
  • 1 x Monimoto key Fob – 41x10mm.
  • 2 x  releasable zip ties.
  • 2 x Lithium AA 1.5 V batteries for Monimoto 7 Device.
  • 1 x CR2450 battery for Monimoto key Fob.
  • 1 x integrated international E-SIM card.



MONIMOTO requires active SIM card with GSM connection. MONIMOTO package comes with a pre-installed SIM card with activated GSM roaming services plan.

  • First 2 months GSM Roaming service in all EU countries is free of charge. Later, 3 EUR/month only!
  • Default connection to the strongest GSM operator/signal in any country.
  • SIM card balance reporting to the app feature.
  • Top up SIM card via in-app purchase.
  • There are no service fees to MONIMOTO company. You only need an active SIM card.
  • Customer is free to use any SIM card of his/her choice.
  • Avoid carrying the KEY attached to your Motorcycle keys. We advice to carry the KEY inside  your pocket to make sure it is not accessible for potential theft.
  • Do NOT put Monimoto in an enclosed metal environment as radio waves cannot travel through metal!



Made in Lithuania (EU)


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